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This epic TalkTalk price drop makes it the UK's cheapest fibre broadband deal

Well, it has finally happened. Vodafone has been overthrown as our favourite fibre broadband deal. Meet our new champion - TalkTalk's Faster Fibre, now the cheapest fibre broadband offer in the UK.

And it's not just Vodafone it has beaten. This deal has topped all the competition widely available in the UK, even scraping under Onestream's budget option which, while not that well known, usually comes in as the cheapest option around.

So what is this deal actually offering? £19.95 monthly bills, speeds averaging 36Mb, and you don't even have to pay anything upfront for it. That makes this deal far cheaper than the big names of the internet game like Sky, Now Broadband, Virgin and even BT Broadband.

If you're still unsure whether this is the deal for you then you can see all of your options over on our best broadband deals page. But, we can tell you right now, you won't find anything cheaper than this. 

TalkTalk's super cheap fibre broadband deal:

What other broadband deals are out there in the UK?

Looking for something a little bit different with your fibre broadband, faster speeds perhaps? Well don't worry, one look at our broadband deals hub shows that there are plenty of other options available.

While TalkTalk holds the title of cheapest fibre broadband, BT is still one of the best value out there. Whether that's because of its fast 50Mb speeds or the £90 BT pre-paid Mastercard that comes with it there is a lot to love with BT. 

Or if you were hoping for faster speeds, Virgin may be the option for you. The VIVID 100 package comes in at £27 a month but gives you a whopping average speed of 108Mb. Don't forget though that it's only available for roughly 60% of UK postcodes.

Finally, if you like the idea of cheap fibre but don't want to go with TalkTalk then Vodafone is still a great offer. For £21 a month (just £1.05 more a month than TalkTalk) you can get Vodafone's fibre broadband deal. 

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