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Grab a great free gift with these choice Bank Holiday broadband deals

Forget barbecues, country walks and lounging on the beach. Everybody knows that the only activity worth doing on a Bank Holiday is sorting out your latest broadband deal for the foreseeable future.

We've done the hard work for you by collecting up details of some of the best freebies that internet providers are currently handing out with their broadband and fibre deals. So there's no fear of FOMO here! 

Below is a comprehensive list of all the freebies we could spot. Which you go for depends entirely on what you fancy. So if you're a frequent shopper in M&S or John Lewis, then the vouchers you get might sound ideal. Want to kit your home out with tech? Then BT's Superfast fibre is probably the one for you. You're even covered if you just want a pot of cash to spend anywhere you like. 

This is where the freebies are, but that doesn't necessarily make them the very best broadband deals in the UK. To see what else is out there, click the link or scroll to the bottom of this page and sift your way through our bespoke-built price comparison.

Choice of tech up to the value of £150

This offer from BT Broadband has been around for a couple of weeks now, but isn't getting any less tempting for that. Sign up to the popular provider's mega fast Superfast Fibre 2 broadband package (£39.99 per month) that would suit large internet-hungry households or folk wanting to stream 4K TV regularly and you'll have your pick of the following:

M&S vouchers

BT again. We already love the provider's regular Superfast Fibre plan that gives you rapid 50Mb broadband for only £29.99 per month. But until May 30, that gets even better still. BT will throw in a £70 M&S voucher (that you'll need to claim after installation here) - ideal for use in its food hall or on your next clothes shopping spree. And that's on top of the £30 Reward Card you'll also be sent. Speaking of which...

Pre-paid Mastercards

At any one time, you can pretty much guarantee that this perk is available from at least one internet company. The idea is that you sign up for their internet and, as a reward, you'll be sent a pre-paid credit card (sometimes referred to as a 'Reward Card') that you can spend anywhere online or in store that Mastercard is accepted.

So if you like the idea of effectively being sent a wad of money to diminish the pain of shopping for your broadband deal, then the following tariffs are the ones you should look at:

John Lewis vouchers

That old stalwart of the British high street, John Lewis jumped onto the good ship broadband a few years back and - unlike a lot of what it sells in store - its internet deals are frequently fantastic value.

You can get John Lewis Unlimited broadband for a bargain basement £20 per month (or pay an extra fiver to add unlimited UK landline calls). That makes it one of the best cheap broadband deals around. And that gets even better when you consider that you can currently get a £30 John Lewis voucher when you sign up, too. Never knowingly undersold...or something!

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