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This awesome 100GB SIM only deal ends Tuesday - don't miss out this Bank Holiday

We don't mean to panic you, but the time to hurry is now. We've been loving this fantastic Vodafone SIM only deal for a few weeks now, but Carphone Warehouse is pulling it from sale this Tuesday, May 28.

If you're in the market for a new SIM and need a fat wedge of data for all your Spotify streaming and Netflix binging away from the Wi-Fi, then we suggest you take a few minutes to read about this offer.

The important facts are these: 100GB of data a month, unlimited calls, unlimited texts, on the Vodafone network, free data roaming in 50 locations.

It all comes for £24 per month, which is a very competitive price considering the details of the tariff. And to really sweeten the deal, Carphone Warehouse is also throwing in £48 cashback. That makes the overall effective monthly cost a mere £20 - terrific value for a SIMO from a network you know.

This impressive Vodafone SIM only deal in full:

What if I want a shorter term SIM only deal?

Not too keen on committing to a full year of Vodafone? No problem.

If you want some flexibility with your SIMO then Smarty, a relatively new player to the game, has a 30-day flexible unlimited data plan for just £25 a month. So it's a tad more pricey and not necessarily a name you'll be familiar with, but at least you know that you can break at any time.

In fact,  Smarty has made it even more attractive at present with two extra offers. Firstly, you can currently claim a £25 Amazon voucher when you sign up. Plus, you get your second month free at the moment, which means another £25 saved straight off the bat.

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